Why Buy New Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Consuming freshly pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil provides you with a superior taste experience and maximizes health benefits due to its maximum freshness and nutritional potency.

  1. Maximum Freshness:
    The freshly pressed oil has a fresher and more intense flavor. The aromas and flavors of the olives are more pronounced, offering a superior sensory experience.

  2. Rich in Natural Antioxidants:
    Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) freshly pressed is rich in natural antioxidants that degrade over time. Consuming fresh oil means fully benefiting from these beneficial substances.

  3. Enhanced Nutritional Potency:
    Fresher oil ensures a higher presence of essential vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin E, which can be compromised over time.

  4. Optimized Health Benefits:
    The antioxidants and healthy fatty acids found in fresh EVOO are at their full potency when freshly produced, providing maximum health benefits.

  5. Authentic Flavor:
    Fresh oil boasts an authentic and extraordinary taste that can elevate your dishes and enhance your culinary experience.

  6. Extended Shelf Life:
    Fresh oil is less susceptible to oxidation and rancidity, ensuring a longer shelf life while preserving quality.

  7. Careful Selection of Finest Local Mills and Farmers:
    Miapulia carefully selects local mills and farmers with a well-established reputation in the region. These partners are renowned for their dedication to producing high-quality extra virgin olive oil and their commitment to preserving centuries-old traditions. By collaborating with them, we ensure that you receive oil of exceptional origin, produced by those who know the land and Apulia’s olives best.
  • Special Discount of over 40% off the list price
  • Cold-Pressed at Local Mills Within 24 Hours of Harvest
  • Monocultivar Peranzana: The Epitome of Apulian Olive Oil
  • Immediate Shipping the working Day After Pressing
  • Money Back Guarantee


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