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Explore authentic Italian cooking through our curated Apulia recipes. From hearty pasta to delectable desserts, savor the essence of our cherished culinary heritage at Miapulia.

Orecchiette Alle Cime di Rapa: An Irresistible Traditional Dish


Orecchiette alle Cime di Rapa is a traditional Apulian dish that combines ear-shaped pasta with the bitter greens of turnip greens. The recipe calls for sautéing garlic, chili peppers and anchovies, creating a richly flavored base. Turnip greens and orecchiette pasta are cooked together and then mixed into the stir-fry. The dish represents authentic Apulian cuisine, with the balance of fresh and aromatic flavors.

Broad Beans and Chicories Traditional Apulian Recipe


Fava beans and chicory” is a traditional dish from Puglia that embodies the region’s poor and authentic cuisine. Dried broad beans are soaked and cooked to a velvety puree, while fresh chicory is boiled and accompanied by the puree. The dish reflects the balance between the bitterness of the chicory and the sweetness of the fava beans. Toasted homemade bread completes the dish. “Fave and Chicory” represents the history and health of Puglia, combining traditional flavors and nutritional benefits in a unique culinary experience.