Broad Beans and Chicories Traditional Apulian Recipe



10 Min


90 Min


Doses for
4 People



Fresh chicory: 600g
Hulled dried broad beans:
✔ S liced Homemade Bread :
✔ Extra virgin olive oil:
: q.b.

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Fave and Chicory Traditional Pugliese Recipe

In the land of Apulia, where cuisine is a spokesman for roots and traditions, there is a dish that encapsulates the very soul of poor gastronomy: Fave and Chicory. A combination of authentic flavors and genuine ingredients that, even in their simplicity, know how to give unique emotions to the palate. Let’s discover together this ancient and tasty dish that embodies the very essence of Puglia.


  1   Start by soaking dried fava beans in water and let them soak for at least 8 hours, allowing them to regenerate.


  2  Once this time interval has elapsed, drain and rinse them thoroughly under running water. Next, place them in a pot , making sure to cover them completely with water. Proceed with cooking the fava beans for about an hour and a half or two, until they are soft. Next, place them in a pot , making sure to cover them completely with water. Proceed with cooking the fava beans for about an hour and a half or two, until they are soft.


  3   After cooking, drain the fava beans and proceed to blend them. Add a pinch of salt, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and some of the cooking water. Blend everything carefully until you get a puree with a velvety consistency.


  4   Devote your attention now to chicory. After peeling and cleaning it, boil it in lightly salted boiling water. After a short soak, drain and squeeze it gently.


  5   The time has come to unite these protagonists. Arrange the chicory on a plate, wrapping it in its freshness, and juxtapose it with the fava bean puree to complete this delight.Add a drizzle of raw extra virgin olive oil to embellish the flavor and give it that unmistakable pleasantness.


A Journey through Taste and History

Fave and Chicory is a dish that drags with it the history of Puglia and its humble but richly authentic roots. The bitterness of chicory, with its anti-inflammatory and depurative virtues, blends with the sweetness of fava beans, a nutritious legume rich in protein, iron and vitamin C. This symphony of flavors and benefits is a tribute to tradition and health, in a dish that can tell stories and traditions passed down from generation to generation.
Fave and Chicory can be enjoyed alone or accompanied by grilled vegetables or friggitelli, in an embrace of typical Apulian flavors and aromas. An encounter between the land and the plate that will give you a taste of the most authentic essence of the cuisine of this wonderful region.
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