Exploring the Varieties of Apulian Olives and Their Unique Oils



Among the green landscapes of Puglia, a treasure of liquid gold hides, enchanting the senses and telling stories of ancient traditions: extra virgin olive oil. This delicacy, as appreciated as it is sought after, is one of the cornerstones of Apulian culture, a fragrant essence that intertwines with the history of this land and its people. Lasciatevi trasportare in un viaggio attraverso i sentieri dell’olio pugliese, alla scoperta delle varietà di olive che plasmano i suoi sapori e delle sfumature che rendono ogni goccia un’esperienza unica.

Monocultivar Olive Oil: Preserving the Soul of Olives

A masterpiece of Apulian olive oil craftsmanship is the monocultivar oil. This ode to purity is obtained from a single olive variety, a tribute to the very nature of the fruit itself. Every drop is a resonant call to the terroir that witnessed the growth of these olives, an authentic tale of an essence reflected in the flavors and aromas of this land.

The Exceptional Varieties of Apulian Olives

Coratina: Symbol of Passion and Flavor

In the heart of Puglia, the Coratina variety reigns supreme. Cultivated in harmony with various soils, its resistance to adverse weather conditions makes it ideal for organic farming. Its prematurely harvested olives, admired by growers, yield extraordinary oil. Today, appreciated for its fruity, spicy, and bitter flavors, Coratina oil has redeemed itself from its past as a “cutting oil.” With its health benefits and versatility in the kitchen, this oil is an essential pillar of the Mediterranean diet, earning a place alongside wines on restaurant tables.



Bella di Cerignola: The Beauty of Table Olives

In the Tavoliere, the Bella di Cerignola variety reigns supreme. With its fruity and balanced flavor, it lends itself perfectly to being enjoyed as table olives, a sensory experience that evokes the charm of tradition.

Peranzana: A Tale of Sweetness and Intensity

Let’s move to the northwest, to the lands of Foggia, where the Peranzana olive takes the spotlight. Medium fruity, with a slight hint of spiciness and bitterness, it dances in a unique experience, revealing notes of almond, artichoke, and tomato. With a rich content of chlorophyll and carotene, its vivid green-yellow hue poses a formidable challenge to time, preserving its freshness. From the table to the kitchen, it elevates salads and dishes, but also pairs wonderfully with aged cheeses and pinzimonio. Rooted in a specific region, Peranzana oil embraces tradition and health, with every drop delivering complexity and well-being.

Arbequina: Harmony in Diverse Shades

With its absence of bitterness, arbequina oil offers refined sweetness, perfect for those seeking a delicate touch. Fruity notes of banana and apple provide a unique experience, evoking childhood flavors. However, its richness in polyunsaturated acids makes the oil aromatic but less stable compared to others. The high content of oleic acid contributes to optimal cardiovascular health. Ideal for sauces, pastry, and breakfasts, arbequina oil also pairs well with fruits, fish, and light dressings. Slightly lower polyphenol levels influence the choice for health, but its stability prevails over sunflower oil.

Ogliarola: Elegance of Delicate Taste

The Ogliarola, widespread in Puglia and Basilicata, boasts unique local varieties, each with a name that reveals its place of origin. This cultivar, vigorous and with a spreading habit, produces small-sized olives primarily intended for oil production. Its yield, up to 22%, yields a precious golden nectar with a medium, balanced, and harmonious fruity flavor, suitable for both raw and cooked dishes. Sensitive to climate and diseases, the Ogliarola is a culinary treasure to discover, embracing the rich tradition and gastronomic modernity of the South.



The Art of Blending: Creating Harmony in Flavors

In a challenging market, Italian companies embrace the art of blending, combining oils extracted from various olive varieties. Rooted in over a century of experience, this skill expertly refines the blend of selected raw materials, creating unique oils. In addition to sweetness, the distinctive trait is the aromatic and flavor balance. Unlike monocultivar oils that change, blends maintain stability over time, providing reliable kitchen pairings.

Emerging as a key figure, the blendmaster, much like an artist, guides this creative dance. The careful selection of starting oils, combined with intuition and skill, generates superior products. Typically at the helm of olive oil companies, the blendmaster refines the process, blending knowledge and experience to create extraordinary oils.

The art of blending unfolds, revealing itself as a journey that merges past and present, offering nuances of unexpected flavors and magical culinary pairings.

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Discovering the Taste Secrets of Puglia

The olive varieties in Puglia are a treasure trove of aromas and flavors, an incredible range of tastes waiting to be discovered. Each variety encapsulates a chapter of history and culture, an ode to authenticity. Whether you prefer the spiciness of Coratina or the lingering sweetness of Peranzana, in every drop, there’s Puglia speaking through its oil. Every variety tells a story. Every drop, a passion.

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