Olive Oil: The Secret Against Aging



Aging of our bodies is a natural process, but it can lead to a number of changes and challenges to our health. One of the main factors contributing to aging is the oxidation of cells, caused by the action of free radicals in our bodies. However, our bodies are equipped with defenses, including antioxidants, which can counteract free radical damage. Among these, tocopherols, known as vitamin E, found in abundance in extra virgin olive oil, play a key role in fighting aging and protecting our health.

The Role of Free Radicals in Aging.

As we age, our bodies undergo a process of cell oxidation, in which free radicals play a key role. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage cells and lead to their death. This slows cell regeneration, making the body less able to regenerate itself and maintain its regenerative power. The effects of cellular oxidation can manifest in various aspects of aging, such as skin losing elasticity, decreased cognitive abilities, and brittle bones.

Antioxidants: A Defense Against Oxidation

Our bodies have defense mechanisms against cellular oxidation, including enzymes such as superoxide dismutase and nonenzymatic antioxidants such as vitamin E, vitamin C, and carotenoids. Antioxidants counteract the action of free radicals, reducing their impact on cells and preventing oxidative damage. In particular, tocopherols, members of the vitamin E family, play a crucial role in fighting aging and protecting our bodies.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Tocopherols

Extra virgin olive oil is a rich source of tocopherols, or vitamin E. These compounds, also known as polyphenols, are particularly powerful in combating cellular oxidation. However, natural tocopherols are delicate and may be subject to loss due to poor processing, storage, or cooking of extra virgin olive oil. To make the most of the anti-aging benefits of olive oil, it is advisable to consume an adequate amount of it raw, ensuring an intake of 8 mg per day for men and 10 mg per day for women, equivalent to about 50 g and 60 g of extra virgin olive oil, respectively.

An Effective Aid Against Aging

High-quality extra virgin olive oil, rich in polyphenols, proves to be a powerful ally in the fight against oxidation and aging of the body. By regularly consuming an adequate amount of olive oil, we can take advantage of the benefits of tocopherols, protecting our cells and counteracting free radical damage. Olive oil can help preserve healthy skin, bone and cognitive function, contributing to a better quality of life in the aging process.


Aging is an inevitable process, but we can take steps to protect our bodies and improve our health. Antioxidants, such as the tocopherols found in extra virgin olive oil, are key to fighting cellular oxidation and delaying the signs of aging. Consuming high-quality, polyphenol-rich, raw olive oil is a wise choice to preserve our health and enjoy a longer and more active life.

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