Why Choose Olive Oil for Digestive Wellness



Extra virgin olive oil, with its rich organoleptic profile, not only adds taste and flavor to our dishes, but also reveals a number of beneficial functions for our digestive system. This valuable oil is known for its high digestibility compared to other oils and can improve the overall functioning of our digestive system. Let’s discover the secrets of this condiment with extraordinary properties.

A highly digestible food

Extra virgin olive oil is distinguished by its ease of digestion, an advantage that sets it apart from other oils, such as peanut or sunflower seed oils. This characteristic is due to its positive impact on the gallbladder, which promotes increased bile production. This fluid plays a key role in the digestion of lipids, i.e., fats, and extra virgin olive oil, with its high percentage of oleic acid (70-80%), proves to be a highly recommended condiment to facilitate this process.

Promotes digestion and acts as a gastroprotectant

As early as the 1800s, studies have investigated the beneficial digestive functions of extra virgin olive oil. It has been found that this oil can act as a gastroprotectant, reducing excess acidity in the stomach. The addition of extra virgin olive oil to foods has been shown to significantly reduce gastric acid production, due to the action of the oleic acid in the oil. This property has been scientifically recognized and has led to the revelation of the benefits of extra virgin olive oil even for diseases such as ulcers and gastritis.



Extra virgin olive oil and intestinal regularity

Another important benefit of extra virgin olive oil is its ability to promote intestinal regularity, helping to speed up the transit of food through the gastrointestinal tract. A simple tip is to drink a tablespoon of raw olive oil in the morning, a habit that can help keep the stomach and intestines healthy. Because of these beneficial properties, extra virgin olive oil is also given to children during the weaning stage to support their digestive well-being.


Extra virgin olive oil is more than just a condiment; it is a valuable ally for our digestive health. With its high digestibility, gastroprotective role and ability to promote intestinal regularity, extra virgin olive oil proves to be an ideal companion for a balanced and healthy diet. Incorporating this oil into our daily diet can bring numerous benefits to our health and well-being.

Extra virgin olive oil offers a tasty and healthy solution for enriching dishes and promoting digestive well-being. As always, referral to a health professional is recommended to receive personalized guidance and maximize the benefits of this valuable natural resource.

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