Olive Oil: Natural Remedy Against Osteoporosis



As people live longer, wellness and body care have become increasingly important. However, aging can lead to changes that make bone tissue more fragile, increasing the risk of osteoporosis. This condition, characterized by a progressive loss of bone mass, mainly affects women after menopause and can have a significant impact on quality of life. One of the keys to preventing osteoporosis is to follow a healthy diet, with a focus on calcium and vitamin D intake. In this context, olive oil proves to be a valuable ally in preventing this disease, thanks to its beneficial components, including vitamin D, K and B6.

Osteoporosis: A Health Concern.

Longer life spans are a sign of progress in our society, but they also present challenges, such as the increasing incidence of aging-related diseases. Osteoporosis is one such condition, affecting a significant number of older people. Women after menopause are particularly vulnerable because of hormonal fluctuations that affect bone metabolism. However, men over the age of 60 can also develop osteoporosis.



Olive Oil: An Aid in Prevention

An important strategy for preventing osteoporosis is to adopt a proper diet aimed at ensuring adequate calcium and vitamin D intake. In this context, olive oil stands out for its benefits to bone health. It contains vitamins D, K and B6, which play key roles in the absorption and fixation of calcium in bones. These nutrients are essential for maintaining bone tissue health and preventing bone loss associated with osteoporosis.

The Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is particularly rich in health benefits. These include polyphenols, known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These substances act as true free radical scavengers, protecting cells from oxidative damage and reducing inflammation in the body. The positive effects of olive oil polyphenols may also extend to bone health, helping to prevent osteoporosis.

A Balanced Diet with Olive Oil

Incorporating extra virgin olive oil into the daily diet is an important step in preventing osteoporosis. It is recommended to consume 4-5 tablespoons of excellent extra virgin olive oil daily for maximum benefits. It is important to choose an extra virgin oil rich in polyphenols, which can be recognized by its bitter and spicy taste. These polyphenols, together with vitamin D, K, and B6, play a synergistic role in protecting bone tissue and preventing osteoporosis.


Prevention of osteoporosis is a crucial aspect of ensuring a good quality of life in aging. Adopting a balanced diet, rich in calcium and vitamin D, is essential to maintain bone health. Olive oil, with its beneficial properties and essential components, is a valuable ally in the fight against osteoporosis. Choosing an extra virgin olive oil rich in polyphenols is the key to enjoying maximum bone health benefits.

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