Italian Cured Dry Ham Ferrarini – Dolce Riserva 5.5 kg

149.00 IVA Inclusa

Sweet Raw Ham Reserve Ferrarini: An Ode to Excellence

The “Dolce Riserva” Sweet Raw Ham by Ferrarini is an authentic Italian delicacy, crafted with care in Emilia-Romagna, renowned for its culinary tradition. Made from selected pork thighs and unparalleled culinary craftsmanship, this raw ham embodies Italian authenticity and goodness. Its sweet flavor and tender texture make it irresistible. Without preservatives and certified gluten-free, it’s a gastronomic delight deserving a special place on your table. Rediscover the authentic taste of Italy with Sweet Raw Ham Reserve Ferrarini, available in a 5.5 kg format.