Chopped Italian Spicy Peppers in Oil from Apulia – Cannone

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Explosive Flavor from Apulia: Apulian Spicy Peppers in Oil

Apulian Spicy Peppers in Oil, sourced from Apulia, harvested and prepared with care, offer an explosion of authentic flavor. Cut into pieces that maintain their integrity, these vibrant red peppers offer a soft yet slightly crunchy bite with a spiciness that exudes passion. The enveloping aroma of the peppers, enriched by their spicy character, evokes the fields of Apulia. Upon tasting, experience an intense and engaging burst of flavor, with the natural sweetness of ripe peppers merging with lively spiciness. This 314 ml jar contains this authentic delicacy ready to elevate your dishes with the soul of Apulia.

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