The Ancient History of the Peranzana Olives: Treasure of the Apulian Territory

Extra virgin olive oil has always been considered one of the treasures of Mediterranean cuisine, and the Peranzana variety is an authentic Apulian food and wine gem. In this article, we will explore the rich history and characteristics of this excellent oil.

The Roots of Peranzana Oil

The Peranzana olive is grown in the Apulian region, particularly in the provinces of Foggia and Barletta-Andria-Trani. Its history is rooted in ancient times, dating back more than two millennia when it came to our land through ancient trade routes.

A Unique Varity

One of the characteristics that make Peranzana extra virgin olive oil so special is its uniqueness. This variety of olive is particularly well adapted to the Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and long hot summers, which favor its growth and development. Peranzana olive trees are medium-sized trees with lush foliage, and the olives are oval and symmetrical, with a green color tending to purplish.

Handicrafts and Traditions

Peranzana extra virgin olive oil is produced following centuries-old traditions and with artisanal processing that is handed down from generation to generation. Local farmers lovingly tend the trees throughout the year and harvest the olives by hand, ensuring the highest quality and freshness.

Lavorazione Artigianale e Tradizioni raccolta olio di oliva

Unique Flavors and Flavors

Once harvested, Peranzana olives are taken to the olive mill, where they are cold pressed, thus preserving their delicious aromas and flavors intact. Peranzana extra virgin olive oil is characterized by a fruity flavor, with hints of herbs and almonds, while its color is an intense golden green.

A Treasure of Apulian Cuisine

This extraordinary extra virgin olive oil is a real treasure of Apulian cuisine. Its organoleptic qualities make it an ideal ingredient to enhance the flavor of traditional dishes, such as the famous orecchiette pasta with turnip greens, Apulian frittatone, or simple bread with oil and tomato.

In today’s era of rediscovering culinary traditions, Peranzana extra virgin olive oil is gaining more and more admirers around the world. The focus on high-quality products and controlled sourcing has led this Apulian delicacy to become a must-have in the kitchens of star chefs and gourmet food enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the story of Peranzana extra virgin olive oil is a journey through time and the passion of Apulian producers, who hand down their 100-year legacy with care and dedication. A gastronomic treasure that deserves to be savored and appreciated for its uniqueness and authenticity.

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